New MTB Trails In 100 Mile House

James Doerfling And Steve Law

The HunCity Mountain bike club is back in action this summer with a new board and trail building is currently in progress. Club president Steve Law is a mainstay in the local mountain bike scene and applied for grant money last winter and received funding from the Province of BC and the District of 100 Mile House. The new trail work is currently underway is located at the 99 Mile Forest, just south of town.

If you have ridden the area before you are probably familiar with the trails at 108 Mile Ranch. You’re used to the flowy, rolling and gentle terrain. This new area is a whole new ball game for the club.

“These trails are built with the intermediate and advanced riders in mind. Novice riders will be able to work their way up to the berms, bumps and woodwork that the guys are building. It’s also in a new area for the club. We’ve been able to sign a user agreement with the Ministry Of Forests which bodes well for the future of the club. ” says Law

Trail work is being performed by First Journeys and they have been contracted to build a climbing trail and two descending trails. The project is on-going and won’t be completed until the Fall. Riders are asked to stay away from the area at this time due to active logging and machine work. The new routes will be added to Trailforks when everything is “good to go”!

The new climbing trail!

This will be the first time the club has hired professional trail builders and will reflect modern trail building you’ve seen elsewhere in the north from Thomas Schoen and First Journeys.

The club and the community are equally excited about the economic benefits this project will bring.

Steve Law says “We are just thrilled that we are giving tourists a new reason to stop in 100 Mile House while road-tripping to Williams Lake or beyond. We feel that mountain bike tourism can create a lot of solutions for our community. ”

The local economy recently suffered a large setback when three sawmills closed down in August.

The club encourages all riders to follow them on social. Club rides are Wednesday’s at 6pm. The meeting spot is at the 108 Heritage Ranch rest stop parking lot. Check Facebook before you show up.

Club Rides Are Wednesdays

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If you want to REALLY see the trail network, hook up with us for a club ride. Each Wednesday we meet at the 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site or at the 99 Mile Trails.  We ask that you purchase a membership if you feel there is value in getting a tour of the best singletrack in the region!

Be sure to check facebook prior to coming. As we move deeper into 2019, we’ll be opening up a new area and trails. 

Time: 6:00pm

Where: See Trailforks

Level: You should have some experience with singletrack riding. If you are brand new, please message us on Facebook and let us know and we’ll try and match you up with a suitable riding buddy so the rest of the group can travel at thier own pace.