Maintenance Mondays

Trail Maintenance Mondays

Once a month we’ll give you a chance to give back to the trails. Now that our club is growing we need a new pool of volunteers to step up and keep our trails in great shape. ! It would be great if you can indicate your attendance and make a commitment to show up. It’s easier to plan projects if we have a trustworthy team of volllies. Thanks!

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Dates: June 15th,  July 13th, August 17th.

Ladies Rides On Mondays

Ladies Rides 100 Mile House

Ladies Rides Mondays At 6pm

Ladies Rides 100 Mile House

Mountain Biking 100 Mile House is for the ladies too! Join our club and our Ladies mountain bike rides near 100 mile house on Monday’s. We leave from the 108 Heritage site at 6 pm. You’ll need a bike capable of single track travel and be prepared to ride 5km or more. If it’s your first ride ever, please be sure to message us before hand.

If you have questions you can text or call 250-395-0901

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